Is a Master’s degree worth the effort?

If a Master’s degree is worth the effort is a question everybody thinking about their studies asks themselves. This question has to be answered individually, because it is influenced by individual preferences and career aspirations.

Academic experience VS Professional Practice

At first you have to decide if you would like to have more time at the university to gain your education and academic experience, or if you are more interested in learning while you are already working.

If one leaves university without a Master’s, then one is much more likely to gain work experience, which is also desired by many companies. The other option is to go for a Master’s degree, which in some cases justifies a higher salary and entry to higher positions. These two things will always be in competition. This is where you have to pay attention to what you want.

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The academic route: Experience through education

If you are interested in an academic career the Master’s degree is often inevitable, because you usually even continue afterwards to get a doctorate position. And that’s a good thing, too, because it’s part of the process if you want to take this path. In this case the academic experience equals professional practice.

Entry into the professional life

If you have a Bachelor’s degree and want to start your career without a Master’s degree, this is also an option to start earning money sooner and gain experience You might lack some information, you would have gotten in the Master’s program, but your professional practice can also elevate your skills. On the other hand you could study for two years longer and perhaps qualify for a more competitive position by then with higher pay.

Advantages of a Master’s degree

Whether pursuing a Master’s degree makes sense for you depends on your course of studies. Which profession? What do you want personally? What did you study in the first place?

For example you should have an education going beyond the Bachelor if you are working in the finance and business sector. A Master in Management is still advisable in this field. A higher degree ususally provides you with a better salary at the beginning of your career.

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