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The Ecodesign Directive was enacted in 2009, replacing the older 2005 version. It applies to the whole of Europe and determines how products should be created in terms of energy consumption. The directive thus focuses on the environmental friendliness of the product. The switch to the production of environmentally friendly articles and the conscious use of energy is increasingly seen as a positive thing by customers as well. Through their purchasing behavior, buyers influence the development of sustainable products.

Using new processes in production

Many production processes need to be rethought if you want to comply with the new directives on eco-design. New processes such as dry ice blasting can replace outdated methods. Dry ice blasting is completely environmentally friendly. It does not release carbon dioxide and can be done completely clean. There are no toxic additives or waste, nor are there any other hazardous residues. When surfaces are treated with dry ice, there is no need to use harmful cleaners, because this method manages to clean the workpieces without chemical agents.

After treatment, the surfaces are free of grease, dry and absolutely clean of all residues. The method also inhibits the formation of mold and prevents bacterial growth. If you are thinking between several methods of cleaning workpieces and products, then you should give priority to the method with dry ice. Devices for dry ice blasting are very energy efficient in consumption.

Focus more often on environmental protection

The Ecodesign Directive must be taken into account in all decisions on production processes. Consumers are increasingly looking at the environmental friendliness of products. Anyone who wants to hold their own on the market in the long term should definitely work according to the principles of sustainability. Compliance with the Ecodesign Directive is checked by authorities.

These are to withdraw from circulation all products that do not meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements. The requirements for companies to rethink their energy consumption have therefore increased significantly. One is also forced to follow the rules to achieve the guidelines of eco-design and comply with these standards. They were created to implement the requirements of environmental protection in industry as well.

Further optimize products relevant to energy consumption

Energy-consuming products are to be further optimized with the ecodesign and the strict guidelines, so that one can use the resources more pollution free, which bring a larger saving of energy consumption. With the help of a study on the respective products, the energy consumption that they cause during use is determined. Then, based on the results, a decision is made as to whether the products are energy-consuming products. If the benchmarks regarding eco-design guidelines are not met, then officials take the products off the market. It is now up to the manufacturers of items that are relevant to energy consumption to see if they can still increase efficiency. The incentive to do so is provided by the ecodesign requirements.

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