Design and architecture from the Far East – Inspiring ideas

From Japan come centuries-old woodworking techniques that are playing an increasingly important role in European architecture. The special durability, the great stability and the distinctly attractive look of the carbonized woods are very special highlights for builders and architects. The age-old traditions of Japanese master craftsmen are also producing magical effects in Europe. There are more and more suppliers of the woods produced according to the Shousugiban technique for terraces, for fences and for facades.

New facades with attractive wood colors

The possibilities of facade design have become much richer thanks to the carbonized woods. The inspirations from Japan invite creative use of the noble materials. They can be seen in combination with glass, with concrete elements or with fine steel. Wooden structures appear as a finishing of the facade, bringing out beautiful grains, wooden surfaces and special color effects. Treating with fire makes the surfaces of the woods darker, depending on the effect of the fire, the coloration can range from black, to gray and anthracite, to a two-tone light and dark wood tone. In any case, the woods all look very stylish and unusual. Facades made of the natural material become an eye-catcher and can enhance a house with its modern appearance.

Long service life

Burnt wooden board The extremely long durability of the wood brings great advantages. The facade will not soon need repairs or renovation. The treatment with fire has made the woods extremely resilient materials, which are also optimally protected from insects. So you don’t need to do any maintenance or preservation, the woods are durable and more resilient than normal untreated wood.

The material remains beautiful for a long time and can be oiled at most once if you want to keep the old color. Usually, you can also consider fading as an aging process and enjoy the changed color. No two houses look exactly the same. The slight weathering of the wood after many years creates a chic accent.


Creative designs from wood

The creative designs made of wood gain with the carbonized wood. With this processing pattern, the material becomes a unique and individual sight that inspires. Anyone interested in these materials will find more and more examples of the use of the natural material in Germany. The sustainably produced building material inspires connoisseurs of architecture. Noble, natural and in unusual colors, the woods show their charisma. No two houses can have the same facade made of the fire-treated wood; each looks a little different. Individuality is in trend, the modern designs with the unusual building material show very attractive results.

Originally it was cedar

The cedar wood, which the Japanese have turned into carbonized wood, lasts for hundreds of years. In Japan you can see the buildings with the wooden facades quite often. Due to the treatment, the material is very easy to maintain and low-maintenance. You don’t have to paint it, treat it with pesticides, and it repels water.

Tomas Ragina