Game Design – How is a computer game created?

The video games industry is booming. More and more computer games are being put on the market. An important part of game development is game design. Game designers set the foundation for computer game development. They create a concept for the new game world including characters. But how is a computer game ultimately created?

The game world and characters are designed for the target audience

The game designer has an important task in game development. He first designs the game on a conceptual level. The game world is designed together with the characters. They determine, for example, what a player can do in the game and how he experiences the game. Importantly, it is not about the finished detailed development of the game. Games design is not about writing code or creating finished levels. It is about showing what is possible for the player and how the game should work for him. Features such as the ability to purchase items can also be incorporated. Lost Ark Gold, for example, is gold, which is an important currency in the game Lost Ark. It is also interesting to note that game design in general is not just about computer games. It also means the development of board games as well as social games.

Game designers create rules for the game world

As a game designer, you should know what the game experience should be like for a selected target audience. The game should be designed in such a way that the target group finds the game entertaining and exciting. Game designers develop rules based on this and create a game world. The development process can be very complex and extensive. It is not always easy to keep track of everything, which is why a game design document can be set up. The document records how the game is defined. It serves as a backup for the computer game and later development. At any time, the individual elements can be changed or further developed.

There is no set path in game development

There is no set path for computer game development. Every team and every game designer has their own way. The approaches can differ greatly and also depend on the concept of the game. What is important in the process is that one should not start from a finished game. The game is not simply designed once and then it is finished. Rather, it is that the designer has an iterative process. Again and again, you go back and change elements that already exist.

It’s about having the best possible result at the end. Feedback is constantly incorporated and gaps and errors are fixed. In development, the process is such that a prototype is created. This is tested and further developed. The prototype is visited by potential customers who can give feedback. The feedback is implemented and the prototype is further developed. The game designers are involved in the entire process. Care is taken to implement the concepts and adapt the mechanics.

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